COMING SOON : Creative Inspiration: Smets Young Talents Tuesday, October 21st

On October 21st, 2014 Smets launches an exclusive pop-up dedicated to young talents and their artistic work. 

Each creator is painstakingly selected by Pascaline Smets for his quality, creativity and unique perspective on fashion. 

Louis Gabriel Nouchi, Gioia Seghers, Wim Bruynooghe, Doriane Van Overeem, Marjorie Vermeulen, Michael Guerisse O’Leary, Mélissa Kandiyoti, Margaux Bolle (Akin To), Clément Taverniti (Still Good), Anouk Fallon, will take you on an intimate journey, unveiling the little story behind each piece, revealing their creative process  and sharing their passion for fashion and art.  


To join us, click here.


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