MAD Brussels presents Mode Parcours 15

If October is the fashion month it's thanks to Mode Parcours, an event organised by MAD Brussels!

With diversity as the main theme of this 15th edition of Mode Parcours, MAD Brussels expresses the cultural richness to be found in our City-Region. 

Artistic Director Mehdi-Georges Lahlou has invited artists from both East and West so that they can exchange views over their respective creations. Find out more at MAAC, Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux, the meeting point for Mode Parcours!

Installations, artistic collaborations, performances, workshops. 
The talents Mode Parcours reveals this year will themselves be proof of the wealth of inventiveness artists demonstrate to get their creations into boutiques and other public places.

The Mode Parcours is free! #modeparcours15


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