ZOOM : Meet Marie Marot

In a few words, could you describe Marie Marot’s DNA and values?

Poetic - Timeless - Simple

How do you describe the Marie Marot's woman? 

A free woman. An adventuress, passionate and curious. 

Where does the idea/concept come from? What does it evoke? 

The concept is built on play on words, on the double reading like in POE[TRY], HEMING[WAY] or HE[ART]. It’s a way to show people that when you take time to look at things differently you can discover new dimensions that are not necessarily obvious at first sight. To me, the key element is the « collector » effect of the beanies. It is this dimension that I wanted to inject into the collection. Carefully preserving your beanie or your pouch, with the words you have chosen, like an object, in the way you would keep a book or a picture. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

Mostly from my childhood memories, from my teenage years. Encounters, thing you discover or you learn. It’s still very much alive and very inspiring. 

Marie From Marie marot Travel tips arount Europe

  • Best restaurant : Le grand Véfour - Paris
  • Brunch or Breakfast : La Colombe d’or - Saint Paul de Vence
  • Bar : Bar Hemignway (The Ritz Hotel, I can’t wait for the reopening) - Paris
  • Museum : Uffizi Gallery Museum - Florence
  • Library : La Livraria Lello - Porto
  • Art Gallery: Gagosian - London

Marie's Favourite

  • Favourite Cocktail : Bellini
  • Dish : French Veal Stew
  • Music/Sound : Tchaikowsky - Nick Cave
  • Movie : El Topo - Alejandro Jodorowsky

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