ZOOM : Meet Anna K

In a few words, could you describe Anna K DNA and values?

Funny and cool. Faux fur and transparency. Clothes that models love. 

Every girl that wears Anna K is a model for Anna K. And models own clothes ;)

How do you describe the Anna K woman ?

Brand ambassador, brand face and perfectness of this company is Anna K herself. Every piece of my collection I measure on myself, I try it on myself and only if I like the piece it goes in production and shows during the catwalk.

Where does the idea/concept come from? What does it evoke?

The concept comes from model's life, model's world and from the model's look. Actually the name of brand comes from model's world as well, because normally during the shows and catwalks instead of using the models surname they use just a capital letter of it. I was inspired by that fact and decided to do the same thing with my brand. That's why Anna K. And all the time when I am drawing my collections, I imagine Kate Moss wearing my clothes on the Red Carpet.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes as soon as I throw my old sketchbook, and say good bye to my previous collection. Also I got the inspiration during drawing, traveling and reminding me what I have seen in the last season and what impressed me a lot.

How do you see Anna K evolution throughout the years?

I will definitely sell my collections in the most famous and big stores all over the world. Farther I will start to create more feminine clothes and I am planing to launch Anna K branch of cocktail and chic dresses. As well creation of show pieces is included in brand evolution too.


ANNA K Travel Tips around Europe

First of all I would like to say that I feel myself very good and differently in every Fashion city.

  • Best restaurant - Costes Paris, Monsieur Bleu.
  • Brunch or Breakfast Brunch. I dislike breakfast.
  • Bar - Water bars, because I don't drink and don't like alcohol at all.
  • Party - The best parties are organized by me, so my parties and as well fashion parties during FW.
  • Museum - Louvre, Palais Tokyo, Musée Galliera, Musée des Arts Décoratifs , Centre Georges Pompidou.
  • Library - Centre Georges Pompidou library.


ANNA's favourites

  • Favourite Drink - Bubble Tea
  • Dish - Dried fruits
  • Music/Sound - I madly adore Bloom Twins and by the way right now they are about to create music for my next catwalk.
  • Movies - "A single man" ," And God created woman", "Breathless", "Belle du jour", "Factory girl", "Funny face", "Pretty in pink", "Gentlemen prefer blonds","Pretty woman", "The wild one", "Working girl". These are my favorite movies and in my opinion all these movies had a huge influence on fashion. I was so inspired by that fact that I created the second collection of T-Shirts from Anna K, where I put names of all these movies.


Someone to follow on instagram

Watch out for my instagram @anna_k_fashion and all the people I follow are worth following. They all are super cool.


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