ZOOM : Meet Tiffany Cooper

Favourite blockbuster from the 90's?

Top Gun. Fascinating when I was a kid. Hilarious now that I'm an adult.

Favourite blockbuster from the 00's?

Fight Club: it blew my mind at the time!

Favourite movie?

Reality bites. Winona Ryder is my idol.

Favourite Superhero?

Wonder Woman of course! :-)

The Disney character you would have loved to be reincarnated as?

Wonder Woman of course! :-)

Despite lipstick and a phone what are the 3 items you always carry with you?

A notebook to draw and write down my ideas at all time, my electronic cigarette because I stopped smoking 3 months ago and my credit card: always useful ;-)

Favorite song to sing under the shower?

"Walking on sunshine" by Katrina & the Waves: the best way to start the day!

Black or color?

Both, why choose?

Name your fashion contemporary superhero?

Karl Lagerfeld, above ALL others!

A contemporary artist you would like to have coffee with?

David Hockney. I love everything about him and his work!

An artistic historical figure you would like to have coffee with?

Andy Warhol, the one and only. He had the best ideas, the best sense of humor and knew how to party.

An historic period you would have loved to live in?

The 60's in the USA preferably. I mean the STYLE, the COLORS, the MUSIC...


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