ZOOM : Meet Isabelle from La Môme Bijou

In a few words, could you describe La Môme Bijou DNA and values? 
Luxury + Ludique = LULU a combination of chic and fun
How do you describe La Môme Bijou woman? 
she loves fashion, she loves to play
What is the perfect outfit to match La Môme Bijou pieces?
it can be anything except a fur coat

Where does the idea/concept come from? What does it evoke?
La môme bijou is a Paris Character with a young sharp personality

Where does your inspiration come from? 
it comes from my funny mind : the planet bijou is very crowded with ideas

How do you see La Môme Bijou’s evolution throughout the years?
I started 8 years ago and so far I have wished to keep control of concept and manufacturing of my pieces here in Paris.
My brand is my life and keeping it independent means total freedom
10 questions to Isabelle
  • What’s an accessory you had for ages? My wonder woman Tiara
  • An item of clothing that perfectly matches your collection? An André Courrèges dress
  • Vintage or new? Vintage
  • Favorite type of flower? Sunflower
  • Favorite Season in Paris? Spring
  • Rive Gauche or Rive Droite? Rive Droite
  • Despite lipstick and a phone what are the 3 items you always carry with you? Glasses, sunglasses and extra pair of glasses
  • Favorite scent? Smell of chocolate cake fresh out of the oven
  • Favorite song to sing under the shower? Rebel Rebel from David Bowie
  • What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? Hands
  • Someone to follow on Instagram : la Môme Bijou

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