ZOOM : Meet Frédérique Dessemond from Ginette NY

In a few words, could you describe Ginette NY’s DNA and values? 
An everyday gold and fine jewelry collection with a twist, designed by Frederique Dessemond. Authenticity, vintage inspiration, innovation, modernity, carefully shared every season with strong visuals, catalogues and videos.

How do you describe the Ginette NY woman? 
She is a modern woman, feminine, elegant and fashionable. She buys jewelry for herself and wears it all day long, at work, with her kids and for special nights. She likes to stand out for who she is and her jewelry is simple and chic, like her.

Where does the idea/concept come from? What does it evoke?
The name GINETTE NY is an old Fashion French name (my grand mother was called Odette) mixed with the modernity of the NY initials where I live. It evokes old and new, French sensibility and NY brand, an unexpected name for a fine jewelry line.
I have always been inspired by the layers of gold jewelry that my mum used to wear and wanted to re-create that look in a modern way. So I started the line in 2002 because there were no brands on the market offering fashion forward gold jewelry at reasonable prices.

Where does your inspiration come from? 
My inspiration comes from what I see. The Cité Radieuse by Le Corbusier where I grew up, vintage pieces on flea markets, street art and looks, paintings, nature.... It is an everyday feeling.

How do you see Ginette NY’s evolution throughout the years?
I would like GINETTE NY to stay true to her values yet be able to share them with more and more people so they can experience it for themselves. Through our own network of stores and corners with the full brand expression, through our website and social networks and, of course, through our beautiful jewelry.

A contemporary photographer you would like to have coffee with?
Peter Beard.

A photographic historical figure you would like to have coffee with? 
Man Ray.

What’s an accessory you had for ages? My watch, a Rolex submariner that my father gave me.
Vintage or new? Vintage.
Favorite type of flower? Magnolia.
Favorite season in Paris? Summer.
Rive Gauche or Rive Droite? Rive Gauche, where I just opened my first store in Paris.
Uptown or Downtown Manhattan? Brooklyn.
Rooftop brunch or Central Park walk ? Rooftop brunch.
Favorite scent? “L’immortelle” from Corsica.
Favorite song to sing under the shower? What a feeling, Irene Cara, from “Flashdance” movie.
What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? Their eyes.
- Best Restaurant? Chez Etienne, Marseille
- Best Brunch or Breakfast? Le Meurice, Paris
- Best Bar? Chez Tao, Calvi
- Best Party? Back in the days.... “Body & Soul” on Sundays in NY
- Best Hotel? Le Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa, Porto Vecchio
- Best Museum? MOMA, NY
- Best Monument? La Cité Radieuse, Marseille
- Best Library? My dad’s library
- Best Art Gallery? Invisible Dog, Brooklyn
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