Pascaline Smets Prize for Nationa(a)l // Expo Store 2015 | Meet Lore Van Keer, Fashion laureate


In a few words, could you describe Lore Van Keer’s DNA and values?
During my training as an interior designer at Sint-Lukas, Brussels, I resolutely focused on product design. Eventually, this fascination for objects amounted to a fondness of jewellery, without losing interest in design and architecture as primary sources of inspiration. With semi-precious gemstones, silver and gold, I whimsically develop my own aesthetic. I skillfully search the boundaries of jewellery design, balancing on the edge of abstraction.

How do you describe the Lore Van Keer woman?
A woman who is interested in design. A woman who likes and is triggered to small things and structures in design and fashion. A woman who has seen details. A woman who likes minimalistic, abstract design, but who never loose the female aspect.
A jewel for me, is more then an accessory. It's personal, gives character to what you are wearing at that moment. That's what's important to me when I help a costumer choosing the best jewel for her/him.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Especially design, architecture, fashion, but also when I have a holiday/trip things can trigger and inspire me.

How do you see Lore Van Keer’s evolution throughout the years?
Now, I have my own flagshipstore and 18 points of sales in Flanders. I really want to explore more, especially abroad. International carrier seems a wonderful experience.


Favorite Song? 'Lotuk' by Arsenal
Favorite Color? Black
Favorite Season ? Winter, love ski & love snow
Favorite place in the world? On top of a mountain
Favorite material? Gold
Vintage or new? New
Chic or casual? Casual chic? ;)
What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? Exept the smile, Jewels (of course) and shoes
A contemporary artist you would like to have coffee with? Raf Simons


Best Restaurant? Bazaar, Madrid
Best Brunch or Breakfast? De Laatste Kruimel, Amsterdam
Best Bar? Kaffekoppen, Stockholm
Best Hotel? Stilleben, nearby Stockholm
Best Museum? Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona & I also like the architecture of the Jewish Museum, Berlin
Best Monument? Holocaust Memorial Berlin
Best Library? I really like to walk in a bookshop and chose books for my own library. I like to have all those books of myself, can be romans but also have a lot of art books at home. Also like all those colors of books in my own library at home, that's why I don't go that much to a library. Art bookshops: in Brussels & Antwerp

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