ZOOM : Meet Victor Louzon from wize&ope

In a few words, could you describe wize&ope’s DNA and values?
wize&ope is about finding who we are on our planet. We are lucky to be there ! and wize comes on Earth to be a witness of that. The brand and team are passionate about music, creativity, friends and fam, travelling and discovering the world, and having fun doing all that !!! Lil Wayne is a major shareholder of the brand, and was attracted to the brand cause he shares that vision with us. As an artist, he is also a great source of influence for the brand. When I showed him our products for the first time one late late night in L.A. he told me straight « Let’s do it », and we’re on !!!

How do you describe the wize&ope man & woman?
wize&ope is not a brand, but an attitude… a wize&ope man or women is open minded, adventurous, attracted to discover others but does not forget who she or he is.

Where does the idea/concept come from? What does it evoke?
wize is the name of our character, it comes from the word « wisdom », and the word « wise guy ».. it is a mix ! ope is for « open minded ». It is reflected on our products that we try to push to the limits of what they can be, in terms of details from the core of the product to the packaging, to the instruction manual.

Where does your inspiration come from?
comes from travelling our planet, and meeting new people, listening to music, watching movies in languages that you don’t even understand.One night in Japan, while drinking a beer, and putting my wet glass on the beer coaster, wize face appeared !!! and it all made sense to me…

How do you see wize&ope evolution throughout the years?
I see it growing, but remaining a brand open to all… We are making products that we like and enjoy. Watches, sunglasses, shoes, snapbacks, and maybe one day a cartoon or a video game… All could happen in the coming years…


Favorite sound? cereals in cold milk in my mouth
Favorite food? fresh Sushi
Favorite view? las vegas at night far from the highway
Favorite material? wood from chop sticks
Favorite perfume? cheese pizza
What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? his or her smile
A contemporary artist you would like to have coffee with? Jeff Koons to ask him how he did that mess !
An historical figure you would like to have coffee with? Moses to ask him if he smoked weed or anything else on top of the mountain, or if God really talked to him
An historic period you would have loved to live in? I would have loved being a gold digger during the gold rush back in the days
Some to follow on instagram… @liltunechi (the men), @nicekicks (the place for sneakers in Austin Tx), @bamforwatchdepartment (to see and follow), @dollycohen (the best grills on earth), @agentertainment (the best party maker in the US)


Best Restaurant? Izakaya, amazing sushi and beans ice-cream in West Hollywood. I remember one night waiting there and getting the call to come and meet Lil Wayne at Universal Studios !
Best Brunch or Breakfast? Always home with my fam and friends
Best Bar? Les Niçois Paris 11
Best Party? The best parties are always improvised, can’t say… The place is not important, the people at the party are !!
Best Hotel? Mira Hong Kong, the place we always go, after 8 years on the road.
Best Museum? My grandmothers apartment
Best Monument? Our planet !
Best Library? The web
Best Art Gallery? The NYC subway back in the 80’s

Victor Louzon & Lil Wayne

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