ZOOM : Meet Anne Blum from Flamingos

In a few words, could you describe Flamingos’ DNA and values?
Flamingos collection is a mix of iconic shoes and current trends. They are simple and accessible.

How do you describe the Flamingos woman?
Even though she likes high heels, the Flaminguette is a kind of a tomboy!!! She likes comfortable, flat and funny shoes, which remind her of memories of fashion, parties & youth.

Where does the idea/concept come from? What does it evoke?
The idea behind Flamingos is the desire to create a trendy, simple, playful and not too expensive product...and is possible fashionable!

Where does your inspiration come from?
It is a mix between shoes everyone knows and a Spanish craftsmanship (where the shoes are manufactured). Summer collection find their inspiration on US beaches: Florida, California whereas winter collection take their inspiration un the UK. Even if Flamingos is a shoe label, it does not only take it inspiration in fashion but also in music and cinema.

How do you see Flamingos' evolution throughout the years?
No idea. Flamingos lives from day to day. I would love some day to have a collection for the whole family.


What’s a pair of shoes you had for ages? I have kept all my shoes with great care for 30 years. I have a nice collection of Converse made in US.

Vintage or new? I do not buy vintage shoes. My last acquisition is a pair of Balenciaga sandals, which I adore!!!

Favorite type of flower? The peony, a Ping-Pong ball containing a treasure of petals.

Favorite season in Paris? All, I am a fan of my city.

Rive Gauche or Rive Droite? Rive Droite, where I am born and have all my habits.

Apart from a phone and a lipstick what do you always carry with you? Music and mainly my good mood.

Favorite song to sing under the shower? In general, I sing the first I heard when I woke up… careful it can be terrible.

What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? Unfortunately, I have a job condition; I look at the shoes...

A contemporary artists, musician, celebrity... you would like to have coffee with? I would like to eat an ice cream and to put on shoes to Courtney Barnett a musician I discovered this year.

An historical figure you would like to have coffee with? I would like to have a good glass of wine with Luz. A comic writer entered despite himself in History. Its book Catharsis is a marvel of simplicity and humanity.


Best Restaurant? La Sardine, Paris 10, where I have my habits with my best friend, good food and a lot of fun.
Best Brunch or Breakfast? My Bed, Home
Best Bar? La Perle, Paris 3.
Best Party? Everywhere we can have fun with friends.
Best Museum? No favorite museum, only exhibitions matter…
Best Monument? Eiffel Tower, forever.
Best Library? Parallèles, Paris 1.
Best Art Gallery? The street, everywhere.

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