ZOOM : Meet Sean Barron & Jamie Mazur from RE/DONE

In a few words, could you describe RE/DONE DNA and values?
RE/DONE is a all about individuality and making heritage brands, such as Levi’s, relevant.

How do you describe the RE/DONE woman?
The RE/DONE woman is timeless and effortless. She has that casual chicness that so many people aspire to.

Where does the idea/concept come from? What does it evoke?
The idea came from a desire to solve a problem. Vintage Levi’s always have the most beautiful wear patterns - wear patterns that make each one unique, but the fit on the Levi’s is dated. Our jeans marry those beautiful wear patterns with modern fits. The result is the perfect jean.

Where does your inspiration come from?
We are inspired by heritage brands and the rich history of denim itself.

How do you see RE/DONE's evolution throughout the years?
We want to continue to produce beautiful modern jeans that women want to wear. Plus, we are expanding into men’s jeans later this summer.


Favorite 80’s sound? SB-new wave GoGos, Duran Duran and INXS
Favorite 90’s sound? RAP – JAY-Z
Favorite 00’s sound? None haha
Favorite food? Japanese, Italian
Favorite view? Rear View
Favorite material? Carbon fiber
Favorite scent? Memoire Liquide

What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? Their eyes and hands
A contemporary artist you would like to have coffee with? Lucien Smith – actually had dinner with him a while ago
An historical figure you would like to have coffee with ? Khaleesi Mother of Dragons (Game of Thrones)
An historic period you would have loved to live in? Swingin 60’s London


Best Restaurant? This tiny little place on a mountain in Japan. Can’t remember the name though.
Best Brunch or Breakfast? Hotel Costes, Paris
Best Bar? Any bar
Best Party? Opening of Talk Magazine on Liberty Island, New York
Best Hotel? Hotel Costes, Paris
Best Museum? Guggenheim Bilbao, Bilbao
Best Monument? Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Best Library? Beverly Hills Public Library, Beverly Hills
Best Art Gallery? OH WOW, Los Angeles

Some to follow on instagram… @shopredone of course!


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