Pascaline Smets Prize | Meet Sofie Verclyte, Kask Ghent

In a few words, could you describe your graduate collection's DNA ? Where does your inspiration come from?

The inspiration was the audio work ‘I’m sitting in room’ from Alvin Lucier.
Alvin Lucier tells a speech and records it again and again until the speech is unrecognizable. What happens with a story from seven years ago, which has been told several times by different people? Details are exaggerated and elements have disappeared. The collection ‘Error Command’ is located in this fictional environment. Starting from iconic clothing like the suit, trench coat and bomber jacket a reconstruction is made and combines the specific elements in menswear.

How do you describe the man who would/will wear it?

A stylish man with a sporty side who is noticed because of his sereen beauty not by shouting loud. He has a playful and intuitive outlook on live.

How do you see your evolution throughout the years? 

My interests are triggered by the experience I had in Namibia where I did a shoe project with Catherine Willems and vivobarefoot, the shoe company. The combination of design, functionality, appropriate technology, local available material and culture fascinates me!
Last year I did an internship at the bespoke tailor Aravinda Rodenburg. This was a great experience which only increased my curiosity in tailoring and craftsmanship. In my current collection ‘Error Command’ I have experimented with several techniques in tailoring. In my previous collection ‘Anthropometry’ I investigated the relation between the Tuareg culture, the suit and different postures.
Using a combination of tailoring, design and culture would be my dream. I know where my interests lay but at the moment I’m figuring out which next step I have to take.


Favorite sound? Rain on the roof.
Favorite food? Mango.
Favorite view? The view early in the morning in Namibia with the sun!
Favorite material? Knitwear. I prefer natural fabrics, soft with a lot of texture.
Favorite scent? When it just rained.
What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? Posture, body language.
A contemporary artist you would like to have coffee with? Alvin Lucier because I was so inspired by his work.
An historical figure you would like to have coffee with ? Freud?

TRAVEL TIPS AROUND THE WORLD I’m still very young and have to discover a lot. I’m not sure if I’m a good adviser ;)

Best Restaurant? Sudo, Diepenbeek
Best Brunch or Breakfast? Clouds in my Coffee, Ghent
Best Bar? Hot Club de Gand, Ghent
Best Museum? Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Best Library? The library at the Quai Branly Museum, Paris



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