Pascaline Smets Prize | Meet Naomi Courau, La Cambre Mode[s] Brussels

This collection requires the imaginary of « street » style wardrobe which I’ve pushed forward for a few years, as well as four other choices focused into my personal references at this present moment.
- Mike Brodie the Polaroid Kidd in « a period of juvenile prosperity » : his snapshots of young people living on the fringe of society and the resource he finds through wandering around the United States.
- The Vegan: radical vegetarian Hipsters, and the idea of cardboard: recoverable material for all, to be rediscovered and reinvented.
- The Ravers: the unsophisticated reveller youth in rave-parties.
- The Mods’ style : I’ve sampled the military feminized idea, as well as extra large parka on top of xtra small suit.
So were my heterogeneous influences, remixed and overshot in Bruxelles 2015, a collection that could perfectly have been created for my buddies. My woman is a sexy tomboy.


Favorite sound? Hip Hop
Favorite food? Cheese
Favorite material? Woolen cloth
Favorite scent? GAULTIER2 (unisexe)
What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? The way he or she evolves and moves through the space. 
A contemporary artist you would like to have coffee with? If she could be brought back to life for a day Amy Winhouse. 
An historical figure you would like to have coffee with ? Diana Vreeland
An historic period you would have loved to live in? Right now. The 60's.
Someone to follow on Instagram… I don't have Instagram


Best Restaurant? La Pointe du Groin, Paris
Best Brunch or Breakfast? Le Garage à Manger, Brussels
Best Bar? The corner local bar
Best Party? Berghain, Berlin, so I have heard...
Best Museum? Humberger, Berlin
Best Monument? Cherry blossom of Shinjuku Gyoen, Japon
Best Library? Lo\A, Paris
Best Art Gallery? The street


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