Young Talents | Meet Vassili, amanvision.

In a few words, could you describe amanvision’s DNA and values?
I've always wanted to create a timeless emblem, which would be intriguing to others. And this is what amanvision. is all about. This emblem is what inspires me and I emphasize it in all my creations. It will always be part of my designs and playing with it is the game I play along my whole creative process. amanvision. is synonym of high quality, creativity and exclusiveness. According to me, details are the most important things and nothing should be left to chance.

How do you describe the amanvision. woman?
I grew up around women. They mean everything to me. In my life just as in my creations. The amanvision. woman is a woman who will never be scared to express her femininity and who plays with it as a strength. A woman who loves beautiful things, loves to take care of herself while cultivating a fun spirit. The most attractive woman to me will always be the one with a sense of humour.

Where does your inspiration come from?
From every details that are surrounding me. From the places I go to, from everything I see. It could be a detail of a pair of shoes or the form of a common object. That detail will grow in my mind and I will use my creativity to reinvent it, to bring out what made this special detail original to me.

How do you see amanvision.’s evolution throughout the years?
With this collection of badges, the idea was to put amanvision.'s universe out there but in a playful and original way. I wanted a launching collection that would help to cultivate the intriguing spirit of the brand and at the same time, will promote the essence of the brand, which is the importance of details. What you already know is what the evolution will be made of but not what it will be about yet...


Favorite Song? "That's the way it is" by Celine Dion. I was about 10 years old when this song first came out. Love means so much to me. Life is made of doubts and obstacles but when you remain true to yourself and others, nothing can put you down.
Favorite Color? Dark blue. I find this color prestigious, classy and bright at the same time.
Favorite Season? Definitely winter! It's a season that allows you to wear and to play with so many different things. It gives you the opportunity to mix a wide range of accessories and fabrics.
Favorite place in the world? Greece. Even if I wasn't born there, this is the country of my roots and my origins. A freddo cappucino and a cigaret, with my family and friends, in front of the sea is what I usually crave most . I'll always cherish the greek lifestyle and spirit.
Favorite material? I love leather because it's a material that evolves with you. It gets old with you, and it had this unique patina over time.
Vintage or new? I love both! I carry a vintage gold Omega watch since the age of 18. It was a present from my mum to my dad. I have also some other vintage pieces like a Burberry’s trench coat or an old woolen gabardine raincoat from my grandfather that I love to mix with some more modern pieces. The art of mixing pieces or materials is what gives originality to a style.
What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? Always the hands, the ultimate tool of seduction but also the ultimate tool of creation. I always pay attention to the way people take care of their hands and to their hand gesture. I actually find hands inspiring, I have this special thing for jewelry!
A contemporary artist you would like to have coffee with? I would love to meet the photographers Inez and Vinoodh. They know how to capture the tiniest detail in someone's expression and they know how to bring it to light. There’s always something deep and strange in their work. More especially, I love the eclecticism of their shots.
An artistic historical figure you would like to have coffee with? Whitney Houston! And I would ask her why!... Why, Whitney?!
Someone to follow on Instagram... The photographer Aleksandra Kingo. I love her style, the way she plays with colors and the way she seems to enjoy what she's doing. Her compositions are fantastic and each of her post is all about details!

Best Restaurant? Ambrosia Restaurant in Oia. The perfect dinner with a view!
Best Brunch or Breakfast? At the Sun Rocks Hotel, with an amazing deck on the caldera and a splendid view at the volcano!
Best Bar? Tango Bar, for their cocktails that taste like summer!
Best Party? At the Wet Stories Beach Bar.
Best Museum? The Prehistoric Museum Thera.
Best Monument? The caldera and the island itselves...
Best Library? There’s only one library in the center of Fira.
Best Art Gallery? Art Space in Oia.

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