In a few words, could you describe Ligne Dixneuf DNA and values?
A tribute to the truly inspiring people of this world. Whether they left us with a melody, fine words, a state of mind, a style of dress, or even an image. They inspire us, bring us together, enable us to share a smile on the terrace of a café, engage in a discussion, and share. A passion for ready-to-wear clothes, the desire to reinvent the t-shirt, to wear it as proudly as one would a nice polo, make it "chic" and trendy without changing its intrinsic character. An embroidery expertise working with concept patches sewn in France by our own studio. A passion for minimalist design and street-art. Each character is represented, each silhouette, the form of the t-shirt, its colour, with a unique pattern all its own, or an embroidered icon symbolically placed on the heart.
Where does the name of the brand come from?
Line 19 as in an imaginary line, referring to the uncommon path I’ve taken.
I’m a Parisian designer, but not from Paris itself. I’m from a small, forgotten suburb (I say ‘forgotten’ because it’s strange how growing up in this kind of area makes you feel so left out, despite being only 20 minutes away from Paris). I grew up in Essonne (area code 91 – 19 the other way round). So the name of the brand represents the path I took, so that I may never forget that “you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been”. If you take a look at my Woodlife brand, it also has a hint of that spirit.
Who are the Ligne Dixneuf men & women?
Ligne Dixneuf (line 19) men and women are fond of design, art, fashion, music, life! These people like to wear clothing that is discreet, but filled with meaning nonetheless. I recall a quote from Leonardo da Vinci that drives each choice I have to make in my work which, I believe, should be known to all: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration is the result of my environment, history and visions on fashion, design and music. It also comes from graphic arts, lettering and the art of logo design. I am also highly inspired by the codes, traditional skill and genes of great fashion houses such as Christian Dior, in which I worked for 5 years.
How do you see Lignedixneuf's evolution throughout the years?
I’d like the represented figures popular heroes to be charmed by my performance themselves, and I’d like them to want to carry the model that is dedicated to them, or that of someone who also inspires them. This way, my work can be valued for what it is: a paid tribute. Later on, I’d like to move on to creating clothes using all the embroidery techniques.
- If you weren't in your current city, where would you live? Between Los Angeles & Salerno (Italy)
- A book that you would love to have never read so you could read it all over again? "The Encyclopedia of Absolute and Relative Knowledge" - Bernard Werber
- What's your favorite fashion trend of all times? White tee and slim fit jeans
- What's the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? Eyes x Smile (the best collaboration)
- An historical figure you would like to have coffee with? Leonard de Vinci, funnily enough!
- If you could change lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Pink Floyd guitarist Syd Barret playing his best live performance with “Marooned”. This is without doubt the most moving track I have ever heard in my lifetime. The sensations that the artist is bound to feel while performing in front of tens of thousands of people must be utterly crazy!
- An historic period you would have loved to live in? The 80’s in the US, to discover Michael Sombello’s “She’s a maniac” at the moment of its release, Bony Tyler tracks and the entire musical scene, films like Flashdance, Giorgio Moroder soundtracks, and so on. I love the analogue synth sonorities they used. The dances, the style girls had, tousled hair. I even have pictures of my mother in that style – I bet those times were amazing.
- If you got your portrait done by any artist, who would it be? My son! He’s 8 months old though, so might be a bit early XD.
- What's the best hashtag? #streetart for the way in which artist across the world are able to create such fascinating results by taking inspiration from their environment. Creating a piece of art with the barest minimum.
- What word do you use too much? Merci !
- Best Restaurant? Il Trianon, Napoli (the birthplace of pizza, I love pizza!)
- Best Brunch or Breakfast? Les Niçois, Paris 11
- Best Bar? Italian bars are the best in my opinion, it’s a place where you can eat arancina, a cannolo or drink beer (Moretti, of course!). There’s a laid-back atmosphere and you can go there at any moment. That’s what Italian culture’s all about. I’d recommend the “Duomo” bar in front of the Cefalu Cathedral (Sicilia).
- Best Party? Unfortunately, I don’t have time for parties…
- Best Hotel? Sheraton, New York City, where I stayed for 10 days during my first visit of NYC. I was at the last floor, in a suite. It was amazing.
- Best Museum? The Louvre, Paris 1 without competition! Please excuse my chauvinism.
- Best Monument? Notre-Dame du Liban, Harissa, Lebanon
- Best Library? “La Griffe noire” (literally, The Black claw), Saint Maur (near Paris) – a passionate individual who sticks comments to all his books for his customers to read. It’s amazing – the showcase is a book in itself.
- Best Art Gallery? Streets!
Some to follow on instagram… @highsnobiety for the photos / @hypebeast and @bestreet for the info and inspiration / @banksy!!! / and @aurelienconiglio to keep in touch with me ;)

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