- In a few words, could you describe Matières Paris DNA and values? 
Matières Paris is the redefinition of menswear, this is a luxurious and innovative approach on sportswear, a sophisticated vision of the classic menswear wardrobe. I really wish to bring the brand into a futuristic atmosphere while staying easy to wear. I want my clothes to be, of course, very wearable but at the same time new and with the perfect twist that will make it different. Sophisticated yet different from others. My aim is to combine the complexity and the innovation of sport garment (as well as military clothes sometimes) with the elegance, the subtlety and the sophistication of the modern gentlemen. Matières is all about these contrasts. 
Matières has no limits, breaking the rules with a hint of rebellion (really bored with the fashion industry today…!!). I must mention that I have been very inspired by the work of my father while he had his own brand (Jimmy Taverniti) and his interpretation of luxurious sportswear, his innovative and clearly “avant-gardiste” styles. 
- Where does the name come from?
I simply wanted to call the brand MATIÈRES PARIS (meaning fabrics in english) because it was just the best name to put a word on my work and my passion. I really love to play with fabrics and mix them together in my own way. Before all, I am passionate about luxurious and fabrics, I am a kind of a “bulimic”  when it comes to select the fabrics for the next season.   I find very interesting the contrast of different fabrics together,  playing with opposite textures of fabrics… I love the contrasts, and the marriage of the opposition. 
- Where does your inspiration come from?
Mainly from sportswear,  all different garment originally used for sport , any kind of sport, they are plenty of amazing ideas of construction. I am always looking for innovation in sport that I could translate into my own vision of fashion. All kind of luxurious fabrics also inspire me a lot. 
On another hand, traveling is very inspiring for me, it really opens my mind and gives me new and fresh ideas… so I try to travel as mush as I can to discover new things, things that I didn’t necessarily expect to see, I love to be surprised. And finally, my experience at Dries Van Noten really had a great influence on my vision, it was a foundational experience for me,  I learned a lot and with a lot of humility. 
Innovations and innovations….   
With Matières I feel totally free to experiment what I want. I have no limit in terms of creativity and I would also say of fabrics and all others materials, so its very free, and I am feeling very happy to be able to develop the “exact” product I imagine and have in mind. Each new collection is a real accomplishment for me and I can’t wait to work on another one to push my creativity forward and even further.  
Each season I am trying to innovate as mush as I can. I mainly take my inspiration into sport clothing, very specific sports like Moto GP Racing for example…. I am very fascinated by the construction of all sport clothing, they are so complicated and so sophisticated. It’s really in sport where I can find the best textile innovation. I could say that I adopt fashion more like an engineer than a fashion trendsetter… my favorite color is Dark Navy blue, it is the new black for me, and it can be matched and associated to all other colors very easily and effortlessly. Then also its for me the easiest color to wear and the most elegant one, therefore its easier to develop clothing with complicated constructions with this color. 
I have a real intellectual approach on fashion, (everybody says that I don’t have the look of “a fashion designer” that I look more intellectual with my sporty elegant style and especially with my eyeglasses!!! And  you know what ? I really enjoy it!!! I feel different!)
How’s wearing Matières Paris?
What is great with the clothes I make , is that it can match with any other kind of clothes that you have in your wardrobe, I mean it’s a timeless piece with a twist that will go very well together with a classic pair of trouser or a classic shirt. So people who are into my stuff know how to wear it with some hint of rebellion and casualness.  
- How do you see the brand's evolution throughout the years?
Our main goal is to establish a great and stable business that will last year after year, to be free to live of my passion.  And more concretely with the opening of a first store in a key city like maybe London… 
- If you weren’t in your current city, where would you live? Far away, in the sky.
- A movie that you would love to have never seen so you could be discover it all over again? Maybe, “Une journée particulière” by Ettore Scola
- What’s your favorite fashion trend of all times? None, I do not like trends.
- What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? The way he or she talks.
- If you could change lives with someone for a day, who would it be? A monk in Tibet!
- If you got your portrait done by any artist, who would it be? Henri Matisse with Jazz written on it.
- What’s your favorite App? Jazz Radio
- What’s the best hashtag? #nohashtag
- How’s your childhood favorite superhero? Shigeru Miyamoto
- What word do you use too much? To think
- Best Restaurant? Clamato, Paris 11.
- Best Brunch or Breakfast? The brunch at Alain Ducasse, Plaza Athénée, Paris 8. Pricy but… unforgettable and the place is amazing! 
- Best Bar? Prescription Cocktail Club, Paris 6.
- Best Party? Don’t know , I don’t party too much. 
- Best Concert? Very recently, Jeff Mills & l’Orchestre national du Capitole, Toulouse. Amazing contrast.
- Best Hotel? Hotel Thoumieux, Paris 7 (and Hotel Saint-Marc, Paris 2).
- Best Museum? Musée D’Orsay Paris 7.  Amazing place.
- Best Monument? Not really a monument but I love the Chateau Versailles or in the same ‘style' The Louvres, classic but there is, in my opinion, nothing more beautiful in the world. 
- Best Art Gallery? Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris 
Some to follow on instagram…lets be realistic @matieres_paris and @clement_taverniti of course!

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