- In a few words, could you describe Premier Amour DNA and values? True, modern and authentic
- Where does the name come from? In my life I had several projects with my friends and had some success with it. I always wanted to show my
own vision. Something from me. Travels and on the way, meeting amazing people, brought me out to a point where I discovered what I wanted to do for all my life. I had the knowledge by then to know how I wanted to work and witch vibes and fashion I wanted to show. Premier Amour is the definition of that, as my first personal and intimate project shared with the world.
- Who's the Premier Amour tribe? Everyone who understands and feels the values of Premier Amour. It's also someone with an strong personality and a certain charisma on how he/she wears his/her clothes.
- Where does your inspiration come from? My inspiration comes from everything I can see with my eyes and feel with my heart. Travels, music, the youth and my circle of friends are a big part of it. So many, as different as they are, changed my perception of life. Actually my first collection is a dedication for one of them " Favela Empel ".
- How do you see the brand's evolution throughout the years? Growing with a permanent concepts evolutions. I want to keep telling my stories and keep inspiring people with it, with no business/market limitations. Something very close to Raf Simons as an example.
- A few words about the Premier Amour x Smets collab? I’m a big karma guy. My first words and meeting with Pascaline was so real when she discovered the brand. She really understood and felt my vision. As a creative guy, this is the best feeling I can have when I do something. I also love Smets and appreciate the fact that the vision is "avant-gardist" and open with upcoming brands. So when Pascaline asked about the idea to do a special edition of my crewneck I said "yes" with no hesitation.
- If you weren’t in your current city, where would you live? New York
- A book that you would love to have never read so you could read it all over again? "Amkoullel, the Fula Child"- Amadou Hampâté Bâ
- What’s your favorite fashion trend of all times? Have no favorite one. But I will pick Rosewood Movement (2010)
- What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? The Eyes
- If you could change lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Allen Iverson (15 years earlier)
- An historic period you would have loved to live in? Right now
- 3 most played song on your iPod? Sorry I made a top 5 ... For 2016, I will say :
Frank Ocean : Siegfried
Kanye West : Real Friends
Day Wave : Deadbeat Girl
21 Savage Feat Future : X
Karim Azedia : Days In tanger
- Which festival you would love to attend ? Burning Man, Nevada
- What’s your favorite App? Instagram
- What word do you use too much? "Cute"
- Best Restaurant? Le 404, Paris
- Best Brunch or Breakfast? Some sundays with my mom and some "Golden Grahams"
- Best Nightclub? Le Silencio, Paris
- Best Party? Every Paris FW with my friends. "You guys are welcome "
- Best Hotel? Standard High Line, New York
- Best Museum? The Louvre, Paris
- Best Monument? Taj Mahal, India
- Best Library? Every devices connected with the Wifi.
- Best Art Gallery? Rodeo, Istanbul
- Best Concert? Kanye West at Tivoli, Copenhagen (2011)
Some to follow on instagram… @favelapunk @valtersmedenis & @andresupa

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